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How do you replace shingles?

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Shingle replacement starts with a roof inspection to assess whether a few shingles or the whole roof needs replacing. If the housetop needs replacing, it is measured to determine the number of shingles required.

Stripping The Roof

A dumpster is brought in to catch the discarded roofing materials. The contractor will use a roofing shovel to remove the existing shingles, pulls the roofing nails, and eliminates the flashing, aka drip edge.

Installing Underlayment

Underlayment is waterproofing. Rubberized asphalt, asphalt-infused felt, and non-bitumen (synthetic underlayment) are examples of underlayment materials. The roofer will apply overlapping layers of waterproofing material to the deck of the roof.

Installing The Flashing

Drip edge guards against mold by impeding water penetration. The contractor will install the flashing to the roof’s edge, around the chimney, and over joints in the housetop.

Laying Shingles

The first row of shingles is laid on the edge of the roof and juts past the drip edge. Each row of shingles covers the row beneath it by a 1/4″. Ridge cap shingles are extra heavy shingles shaped to conform to the peak of the roof. Roof cap shingles facilitate drainage, and their installation completes the reshingling.

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