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Before hiring them what should I look for in the roofing company?

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Ask your family or associates to recommend a roofer. Research roofing contractors online using the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website and consumer review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp.

Insurance And Licensing

Ask the roofer if they carry liability, Workman’s Comp insurance, and have a contractor’s license issued by your state. Request to see proof the company is insured and licensed.


You want your housetop repaired or rebuilt by installers who are factory certified. Look for a listing of factory certifications, e.g., CertainTeed or GAF, on the roofer’s website.

Don’t Think Cheap

Reputable roofing contractors charge more because doing the job right means the roofer has (no pun intended) higher overhead. In the long-run, a bargain-priced roofing job will prove more expensive.

Get It In Writing

Ask the roofer to document the payment arrangement, size of the crew required, and the job’s completion date. Do not issue payment-in-full until the contractor has satisfactorily fulfilled their part of the contract.

Hire Locally

Hiring a local roofing installer puts money into the economy of your community. A local roofer can respond to your needs more quickly and is easy to find if you need them.

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