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When looking over the many roofers in Houston, Texas, you want to go in with as much information as possible.

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When looking over the many roofers in Houston, Texas, you want to go in with as much information as possible. We at Massy Roofing understand this concern and want to provide you with all the information regarding different tile materials and approaches to tile roof repair in Houston so you can have a good idea of why we are among the top roof contractors in Houston, Texas.

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Tile is the oldest roofing material, dating back over three millennia. Tile is popular because it lasts forever and offers a great deal of flexibility; a feature known by anyone whom has installed even one of the many tile roofs of Texas. Any roofing company in Houston, Tx knows that there is a wide-range of materials between concrete and terracotta, meaning there is little chance that tile is never an option for a roof job.

Roofing Specialists Use The Best Tile For Any Job

Clay tiles were handmade until machining technology came along in 1870. While most tiles are enhanced with iron oxide to mimic terracotta, wood or even slate, concrete and clay are the most common roof materials. Tiles are can be shaped into any form, allowing them to interlock and overlap. No matter what shape you choose for your roof, you have plenty of options regarding color and decoration.


Terracotta tiles are made from specific clays baked at 2012°F, creating a durable, lightweight roofing option. The process of coloring tiles involves fusing glass into the tile, granting it extreme resistance to fire and the environment.


Cement tiles with added pigment. Concrete tiles come in flat and shaped varieties and are treated to resist the eroding effects of water exposure, known as “efflorescence.”


This is a wavy tile commonly used in areas with regular rainfall. The grooves of the waves help direct the flow of rainwater.


This is like an upside-down version of Spanish tile that is sharp, sooth and broad.

Double Roman

While the Mediterranean influence may have it resemble Spanish tile, double Roman tile has a narrower “watercourse.” Double Roman tile can be of concrete, clay or terracotta make.

Flat Shake

This is chiefly concrete and designed to mimic wood shakes or granular asphalt. Despite lacking water courses, flat is very popular because of its finish.


This style resembles a flat S and is exceptionally light when compared to other tile. The S design also means that it is great for directly rainwater.


These tiles taper out from one end tot he other and their classic curved design can be traced back to the days being manually shaped over a laborer’s leg.


This is like a reserved Double Roman, making it quite good at directing rainwater.


Resembling a flattened Double Roman, this design is notable for its appealing shading.

Massy Roofing: Among the Best Tile Companies in Houston

It is one thing to know about roofing tiles but quite another to install or repair them. If you are looking to add tiles, change your tiles or even repair or replace them on our roof, please do not hesitate to reach out to Massy Roofing. We have covered thousands of roofing jobs without ever failing our clientele and would love to put our experience and dedication to your particular roofing needs.

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