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In case you have ever wondered “what are shingles made of?,” there are two main asphalt roof shingle material types: fiberglass and organic-mat plus a few other notable contributions to the industry.

Massy Roofing Knows The Best Roof Shingles Brands

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Organic-Mat Shingles

These are mats of plant cell fibers that are then saturated with enough asphalt to make them waterproof. a top coat of adhesive asphalt is added after the mats are laid down and then ceramic shingle granules are embedded into the whole thing. This construction means that an organic shingle contains roughly 40% more asphalt than a fiberglass shingle counterpart. That extra asphalt also means that organic-mat shingles have greater weight, durability and resistance to wind force.

Fiberglass Shingles

A fiberglass shingle roof, also known as a composition shingle roof, is covered with mats reinforced with glass fiber and then given a coating of asphalt enhanced with mineral filler. the purpose of a fiberglass mat is not to make the roof waterproof but to reinforce the structure. While the addition of asphalt is what makes these mats waterproof, fillers are necessary to ensure that the asphalt sticks to the mats.

These fillers grip at the glass fibers within the mat and then asphalt covers the fibers, filling all of the empty space within the mat and bestowing their waterproofing to the mat. Once everything cools off, adhesive asphalt is used for the same reason as organic-mat, giving it a covering that is then embedded with ceramic granules.

These ceramic granules serve two purposes.

    1. UV resistance. No one likes curling shingles and solar radiation can ruin and disintegrate shingles far ahead of schedule. Adding gravel diminishes solar degradation of roofs.
    2. Aesthetics. Everyone’s taste is different and there are enough roofing shingle colors to satisfy any aesthetic. If you are unsure of the best color scheme for you, we recommend a shingle color chart to discern the perfect color for your roof.

Massy Roofing: The Shingle Masters

It can be hard to decide which variety of shingle to choose with so different types of shingle roof on the market. Massy Roofing understands this issue and wants to give you the best assessment of different materials.

  • Fiberglass is thin, easy to move and more fire-resistant than organic-mat shingles. It is also far more common a roofing material around Houston, Texas than organic-mat.
  • Organic-mat shingles are far more durable than fiberglass.


There is a third option for shingling materials in various woods. Wood shingles come from wooden blocks that are then tapered and smoothed off. There are also wooden shakes that are split from wooden blocks, resulting in a less uniform thickness than a shingle. While shakes are sometimes grooved and usually have a little tapering, they can also be split and then sawed to a taper. When shakes tapered, the are then turned so their flat side faces away from the weather during installation. Both shingles and shakes can be used for sidewalls.

Shingle Forms

  • Architectural. High end shingles with thick, heavy slabs. Good for 50 years or more.
  • Laminate. A mid-tier shingle with twice the thickness of a normal 3-tab shingle. Consists of a second layer fused to the base shingle, affording 30-50 years of durability.
  • 3-Tab. The cheapest, most frequent shingle type, consisting of a single, distinctively-patterned layer.

Why Houston Should Trust Massy Roofing

We have been in the Houson, Texas, roofing industry for decades and without a single failure to satisfy our roster of clients. We believe our uncompromising approach to all things roofing, including shingles, is what sets us apart from the competition. Because we possess multiple forms of accreditation and certification, you can feel confident hiring us for whatever sort of shingling work you need done on your roof.

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