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Your roof is constantly at the mercy of the elements. This means that roof maintenance needs to be a regular job for anyone who owns a building, at least if you want to keep the roof for as long as possible. Hiring a roofer for periodic inspections of the roof and the adjoining interior walls and attic is recommended to keep you apprised of your roof’s condition. When looking for roof quotes or a roofing estimate, it is best that you look for a roofing company in Houston, especially if you sense the presence of leaks.

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How to prepare for roof maintenance: yearly roof inspection checklist

To get the most out of your roof, hire a roof maintenance company like Massy Roofing to annually check the following.

  • Gutters. Clear out leaves and other debris. Wet clutter can gain drag gutters down and spike the cost of Houston roof repairs. Blocked gutters can also redirect precipitation, eroding the soil surrounding your foundation.
  • Attic. Mold, including damp or set spots, should be a number one priority to remove. Mold should only be tackled by professionals.
  • Skylights. Falling debris can lead to scratching or discoloration, so clean your skylights at least once a week. An intact and presentable skylight will be greatly appreciated during big storms.
  • The rest of the roof. Check your shingles, discard any debris that could hurt your roof, look over your chimney’s flashing and make sure that all your vents are unobstructed.

These little tips make a big difference.

Affordable Roof Services of Massy Roofing

We are one of the industry leaders among Houston roof contractors. Our many repair, replacement and maintenance jobs have revived countless structures for decades to come. We know that it is only a matter of time before a leaky roof results in a damp and moldy upper interior of a building. We also understand the best way to assess and execute these jobs with only the best materials for each situation. By hiring Massy Roofing for even minor roofing issues, you are giving your roof the best chance to survive; ignoring those minor problems is only going to result in them growing out of control. Why rack up an excessive roof maintenance cost when reaching us ensures the best outcome among the many roofing companies in Houston Texas.

Massy Roofing's Customized Roof Repair and Prevention Programs

A licensed inspection generally costs one-fifth what problems from not having one entail. Our customized roof maintenance systems account for our roof’s age, material and maintenance history.

Inspection Details

Our inspections include cut testing heat loss assessment, thermographic imaging to pinpoint moisture issues and, of course, a written report of everything involved in your roof.


Once we know what we are dealing with, we assess how severe any issues are to optimize your time and minimize future problems before any work begins.

Data Collection

We store in-depth records with each visit to have a complete record of our work for our own uses and so our customers can have a visual history of all progress.

Some Random Roofing Facts

  • 80% of roofs get replaced before they need to.
  • Maintenance is thousands of dollars cheaper than replacement.
  • Most roof maintenance plans are tax deductible.
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Why Hire Massy Roofing?

We have been serving the Houston area for years without a complaint. We believe that our expansive body of work over those decades speaks to the quality of our professionals and our commitment to excellence. We hope that these qualities and the information provided above will encourage you to reach out to us for any and all of your roofing concerns.

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