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Knowing When Your Commercial Roof Needs Replacement

When it comes to residential roofers, we at Massy Roofing are the best roofer in Houston. We understand all aspects of roofing, be it repairing, installing, properly inspecting or maintaining a roof. As one of the leading roofing companies in Houston, TX, we pride ourselves on giving our customers top-tier services and knowledge so that you can make the best decision for your roofing needs. When dealing with something as vital to a home as its roof, it never hurts to know more.

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What Makes a Roof?

A quality roof is one that can hold up to stress, is made of resilient materials and can endure for decades. Our professionals will ensure that your roof ticks off all of these boxes. When a roof is in top shape, it can not only keep the rain and cold out of our home but can also keep people safe inside. Given enough exposure to the elements, however, and your roof will slowly weaken to the point that moisture can seep into the interior, causing leaks and molding.

Services to Expect From a Quality Roofing Company

Are you unsure if your roof needs repairs or a complete replacement? Are you out of your depth when it comes to roof maintenance? We as Massy Roofing can come to your home, look over the roof and inform you of the best solutions to suit your budget and time. Our time-tested roofing systems can give the best protection to our home while also shaving off your energy bills and upping the value of your home.

Here is a lengthy breakdown of what our residential roofing contractors in Houston can offer.

  • Install a new roof
  • Re-roofing
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Assess damage after a large storm

Trust the Roof Repair Expert Regarding Replacement

We know that it can sometimes be challenging for a homeowner to distinguish if his roofing issues will be solved with a single repair job or that one section of damage is actually a symptom of a problem solved only with a total roof replacement. The good news is that Massy Roofing’s professionals have all of the insight and experience in the industry to help you discern the exact problem. You will have several workable solutions by giving us one simple call; we can then show up, inspect the site and list off the best services for your particular needs.

That having been said, there are some telltale signs of a serious roofing problem. Look over this list and please do not hesitate to reach out to us for local roofing repair if you can confirm even one of these symptoms in your roof.

  • Shingles that are curling, cracking or missing
  • Shingles with “bald” spots where the granules have eroded away
  • Dark streaks along the roof. These may be algae or even moss
  • Sagging areas or even pits

Even if you do not see any of these issues, the industry generally recommends that a roof should be replaced ever 20 years. This decision is to minimize the chances of a severe problem down the line. It might also be a good idea to replace our roof in order to keep up with your neighbors. Because it can be rather unsightly to be the only house on a block that has not recently replaced the roof, this can negatively influence property values. Having a “current” roof is also a major asset when attracting potential buyers, whether it be of your own home or other homes in a neighborhood.

What Goes Into a Proper Roofing Replacement Job

Replacing an entire roof takes a lot of work; far more than just swapping out some shingles. A competent roofing company like Massy Roofing knows that you need to cull the bad and ages shingles, swap out the underlayments and add new shingles. Furthermore, we use the best materials for these tasks in order to make your roof as sturdy and resilient as possible.

"So Why Trust Massy Roofing?"

We know that contacting any roofing company is an investment in your home and Massy Roofing is all about quality investment. Each of our roofing experts carries multiple certifications and have years of experience under their tool belts. We also strive to provide optimal service while staying within our customer’s budgets. We are nothing without our customers; their satisfaction always come first.

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