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We are the best roofing contractor in Fort Worth, and here’s why. Your roof protects the interior of your home and your family’s health. A sound roof lowers energy costs and increases your home’s value. When your housetop needs repair or replacing, you’ll have questions. What will a new roof cost? How do I find the best roofing company in Fort Worth? Why should I choose Massy Roofing over its competitors?

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How Roofing Companies In Fort Worth Charge

When you call Massy Roofing for a free roof evaluation, our representative will consider several factors in preparing an estimate.

  1. Roof Size. Roofers charge per square foot, so a more extensive roof will cost more to replace.
  2. Roof Pitch. A simplified explanation of roof pitch is that it is the steepness of the roof. A steep roof costs more to replace because of the specialized equipment needed to keep the roofers safe. A roof with a sharper pitch requires more materials for completion.
  3. Shingle Removal. The old shingles have to come off before the installation of the new shingles. The average cost of removing old roofing is $125-$500 per square foot. How difficult it is to remove and dispose of the old shingles influences the price of this step. Replacing damaged rafters adds another $1,000-$10,000 to the final bill.
  4. Labor. The number of Massey Roofing installers your job requires affects the cost of labor. The median charge for workers to replace a roof ranges between $1.50 to $3.00 per square foot.

Adding It All Up

Here is the median total of the charges listed above.

  • $3,240-$10,800 materials
  • $1,467-$4,890 old shingle removal
  • $150-$300 per square foot labor
  • $4,707-$10,460 average total cost

Please keep in mind that the figures above are averages to give you an idea of what a new roof could cost. There is no guarantee that the price of your new Massy roof will fall within those ranges.

Choosing The Best Fort Worth Roofing Contractor

To find the best roofing firm in Fort Worth, you should use online consumer review resources like the Better Business Bureau website. Ask friends and relatives to recommend a roofer. You also have to ask the roofing company rep the right questions.

  1. Do you have manufacturer certifications? – An example of a manufacturer certification is GAF Master Elite. Master Elite certification means that a roofer’s technicians are factory-trained in the installation of GAF roofing products. Factory certification ensures a proper housetop repair or replacement.
  2. Do you warranty your work? – Avoid a roofer who won’t warranty their work. Get the guarantee in writing and make sure installation mistakes are covered. Ask about manufacturer warranties on materials. Read the protection contract thoroughly, and ask questions if something isn’t clear.
  3. Do you follow safety guidelines? – Enquire into the precautions a roofing company’s installers will take to protect themselves and your home. Ask if the firm’s technicians are required to complete a formal safety training program.
  4. Are you licensed and insured? – Be sure that a roofing contractor covers all of its employees with workman’s comp insurance. You also want the roofer to carry liability coverage. Request to see proof of insurance and a copy of the roofing firm’s contractor’s license.

Why Massy Roofing Is The Best Roofers In Fort Worth TX

Ask Massy Roofing the questions in the “Choosing The Best Roofer” section above, and our answer to each would be “yes.” The combined experience of our talented and factory-trained installers adds up to many years. Whether your roofing issues are commercial or residential, Massy Roofing knows how to diagnose and correct the problem. The price quoted for a Massy roof is the price you pay. Your final bill will not include charges you weren’t made aware of upfront.

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