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Having a new roof installed raises a lot of questions for the homeowner. Below we here at Massy Roofing provide the answers to the most commonly asked questions about roofing.

Roof installation

A reputable roofer warranties their work. A second warranty from the manufacturer covers the roofing materials.

GAF roofing shingles are affordable and carry a limited lifetime guarantee. CertainTeed shingles are high-quality and ideal for strong wind areas. Each shingle in the Timberline series offers unique benefits. Know what to look for before choosing a roofing contractor. A bargain basement priced roofing job usually isn’t a bargain.

Whether you remain at home or lodge elsewhere during construction is up to you. If you can’t tolerate loud noises, you may want to leave your home until the completion of the roof.

Completing a 1600-1700 square foot roof takes 1-3 days on average.

The optimum temperature for shingling is 40°F-85°F. Laying shingles when the mercury is below 40 degrees or above 85 degrees requires unique installation methods to prevent breakage or scarring.

The roofing company’s equipment includes tarps to protect your home’s siding from damage, exposed roof decking from moisture, and inground plants like shrubs from falling debris.

Repairing a roof creates vibrations. Take pictures off the wall and remove items from wall mounted shelves.

The city of Houston requires a building permit for roof work. The roofing contractor will obtain the necessary licenses.


A metal roof costs $5.50-$14.00 per square foot. Asphalt shingles range in price from $3,50-$7.00 per-square-foot. The final bill for a 1,200 square-foot metal roof averages $8,400-$19,000 and higher. Using asphalt shingles to redo a 1,200 square-foot roof costs $4,200-$8,500.

Architectural shingles increase a home’s value by enhancing its appearance.

The term 3-tab refers to the number of layers of shingles. When adequately secured with four nails per shingle, a 3-tab system has a wind resistance rating of 60 m.p.h.

There are a few factors to explore with your roofing contractor to choose the best shingle for your building.

  • Cost of shingles per 100 square-feet
  • The warranty
  • Shingle color
  • Shingle type

Shingle type refers to the material. Shingle materials include asphalt, clay, laminate, metal, and wood. Ask your roofer about the pros and cons of each shingle type.

Shingle replacement starts with a roof inspection to assess whether a few shingles or the whole roof needs replacing. If the housetop needs replacing, it is measured to determine the number of shingles required.

Stripping The Roof

A dumpster is brought in to catch the discarded roofing materials. The contractor will use a roofing shovel to remove the existing shingles, pulls the roofing nails, and eliminates the flashing, aka drip edge.

Installing Underlayment

Underlayment is waterproofing. Rubberized asphalt, asphalt-infused felt, and non-bitumen (synthetic underlayment) are examples of underlayment materials. The roofer will apply overlapping layers of waterproofing material to the deck of the roof.

Installing The Flashing

Drip edge guards against mold by impeding water penetration. The contractor will install the flashing to the roof’s edge, around the chimney, and over joints in the housetop.

Laying Shingles

The first row of shingles is laid on the edge of the roof and juts past the drip edge. Each row of shingles covers the row beneath it by a 1/4″. Ridge cap shingles are extra heavy shingles shaped to conform to the peak of the roof. Roof cap shingles facilitate drainage, and their installation completes the reshingling.

Roofing costs

Roofers require a downpayment and the balance upon the job’s completion. The roofing contractor may offer financing plans. Costs can be covered by a home improvement or home equity loan from a bank. Other payment options include cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards.

The number of stories a building has is one influence on the final cost of a new roof.

  • The steepness of the roof
  • Material costs per square foot
  • Whether or not the decking needs replacement

Note that the square footage of a roof can be greater than the square footage of the building.

A reputable roofing contractor will not charge for an estimate.

The latest statistics place the average charge for a new roof at $8,000. Depending on your roof’s size and the type of shingle, roof replacement can run as low as $2,475 and as high as $13,200.

Roofing contractors

To find a roofing company in the Houston area, you can use the sites listed above or use “roofers Houston” as your search criteria. Before deciding on a Houston based roof company, review “What Should I Look For In The Roofing Company?”

Typing “finding a recommended roofer” into a search engine leads you to a list of websites that will help you find local roofers.

  • Angie’s

The above sites use your zip code to aid your search for a roofer in or near your area.

Ask your family or associates to recommend a roofer. Research roofing contractors online using the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website and consumer review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp.

Insurance And Licensing

Ask the roofer if they carry liability, Workman’s Comp insurance, and have a contractor’s license issued by your state. Request to see proof the company is insured and licensed.


You want your housetop repaired or rebuilt by installers who are factory certified. Look for a listing of factory certifications, e.g., CertainTeed or GAF, on the roofer’s website.

Don’t Think Cheap

Reputable roofing contractors charge more because doing the job right means the roofer has (no pun intended) higher overhead. In the long-run, a bargain-priced roofing job will prove more expensive.

Get It In Writing

Ask the roofer to document the payment arrangement, size of the crew required, and the job’s completion date. Do not issue payment-in-full until the contractor has satisfactorily fulfilled their part of the contract.

Hire Locally

Hiring a local roofing installer puts money into the economy of your community. A local roofer can respond to your needs more quickly and is easy to find if you need them.

Roof ventilation

Ventilation prevents damaging ice from building-up under the shingles. Adequate airflow thwarts the growth of mold and mildew.

Ridge vents provide more efficient ventilation than box (turtle) vents extending the life of the roof. Being invisible from the ground makes ridge venting more aesthetically pleasing than turtle vents.

Installing all three vent options, static exhaust, ridge, or soffit, involves cutting holes in the roof. Wood screws hold soffit vents to the underside of the eaves. Static exhaust vents protrude from the peak of the roof. Ridge vents lay flat along the ridge of the housetop held in place with nails.


A rule of thumb is that your gutters should be cleaned in the late spring and early autumn. Anytime rain channels become clogged, you should have them cleared A.S.A.P.

An internet search for “gutter cleaning Houston” leads to a list of several companies that offer that service.

Repairing a gutter means resecuring a section of channel that has come loose. If smooth gutter spikes hold the drooping track in place, they should be pulled out and replaced with more secure threaded gutter spikes. Wooden shims and epoxy fill holes and gaps in the rain gutter. Correcting a sagging gutter sometimes requires replacing a broken, hanging bracket(s).

GAF roofing products

Timberline products emulate wooden shakes but are easier to maintain. There are five levels of Timberline shingle.

  1. Cool Series shingles are made specifically for high-temperature climates
  2. Armorshield II responds to temperature changes by flexing rather than breaking
  3. UHD Shingles are extra thick to reduce energy costs
  4. HDZ Shingles have built in algae protection
  5. HD is GAF’s most economical series of Timberline shingles

For as long as they own the building, consumers who have a Timberline roof installed have coverage under a limited warranty.

GAF is a roofing kit that contains all the components necessary to build a new roof. General Aniline and Film products rank among the U.S.’s top-selling shingle brands. When three qualifying GAF system accessories are purchased, the manufacturer guarantees the building top for a lifetime.

Flat roofing

Less efficient drainage causes the pooling of water on a level roof. Puddled water breaks down roofing materials shortening their lifespan. Level building tops need to be replaced more frequently than their pitched counterparts.

Flat roofs are cheaper to install. Greater ease of accessibility makes a level housetop easier to maintain. Installing central air-conditioning on a flat roof keeps the unit level for more efficient operation and protects outdoor components from animals’ damage. The residents of a flat-roofed building can use the building top for various purposes like gardening and socializing. Peaked roofs reduce interior space by creating slopes in the wall. A level roof augments room space.

Roof insurance

Roofing companies do assist in filing insurance claims.

Your home owner’s insurance will cover roof damage caused by a storm.

CertainTeed roofing products

CertainTeed reinforces its asphalt shingles with fiberglass. Professional Remodelers recognizes CertainTeed as a Best in Class roofing product. Regarded as a manufacturer of high-end shingles, CertainTeed offers a line of shingles for the budget-conscious. One advantage of CertainTeed roof coverings is their heft. Heavier shingles provide more excellent wind resistance.

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